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Selling Tips

  • Select and hire a real estate professional, making a connection with their team is crucial to a successful home sale
  • A Price Strategy Advisor certification helps ensure your real estate professional is qualified to price your home according to market value
  • Provide and disclose the cost of selling your house
  • Proactively promote your home to the necessary databases
  • Create maximum exposure for the property on social media and the web
  • Market your home to a wide variety of audiences including brokerage firms, community contacts and networks groups
  • Review absorption rate: selling your home faster saves you money
  • A pricing recommendation should be competitive in regards to market appreciation or depreciation
  • Consider home improvements, repairs or enhancements
  • Seek weekly updates, receive expert advice on the market conditions and keep you informed on feedback on your home
  • No money left on the table by protecting one of your largest financial assets
House and Keys

Thinking of selling on your own?

Money Puzzle
  • The #1 reason homeowners try selling alone is to hope to save money, but they may not be considering:
    • Hidden pitfalls with out of pockets costs on their own
    • There are many ways a buyer in the state of Texas can default on the contract
  • Tiring obligations to schedule appointments, arrange open houses with investments in time and money for advertising
  • You may miss out on professional social media exposure to capture potential out of state buyers and foreign investors
  • You risk having strangers entering your home when they may not even be pre-approved financially to buy
  • Not understanding the expectations and requirements of buyers in today’s market and failing to deliver quality photographs, virtual tours and social media exposure
  • You may undervalue your home and lose thousands of dollars in net proceeds during all the negotiation phases

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