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The primary purpose of the inspection is to educate the buyer in order to help them make an informed purchasing decision. I always recommend my buyers to request a home inspection for new constructions as well as resales. Successful negotiations for your home purchase or sale hinge upon being informed of the property’s conditions and any risks associated:

  • The state of Texas does require testing and licensing of inspectors
  • Report will consist of a physical inspection on the general condition of the home
  • No home is perfect but inspectors will look at a house’s HVAC system, interior plumbing and electrical systems, roof, attic, floors. windows, doors, foundation, structural components and then provide a written report including pictures
  • A buyer is usually responsible for paying for their own appraisal and home inspection which is not refundable

As your realtor, I or a member of my team will always attend your inspection.


Home Warranties

A Residential Service Contract, often called a home warranty, is an insurance policy of sorts that can begin at the time of closing.

New Home Warranties:

Builders usually offer a full or limited warranty. Every builder is different. It can cover quality of the design, materials and workmanship. It can also include a manufacturer’s warranty.

Resale Home Warranty:

This is an item I highly recommend when purchasing resale, and can be a powerful negotiating tool when contract time arrives. It will protect you from most ordinary flaws and breakdowns for at least the first year of occupancy.

Homestead Exemptions

Texas is a homestead state. Homestead exemptions are granted by the county appraisal district, and can reduce a homeowner’s property tax bill. The application for requesting a homestead exemption is available on the websites of most country appraisal districts. Be sure to include a copy of your Driver License or Identification Card from the Texas Department of Public Safety. It’s also worth mentioning that the address on your ID must match the address being requested in the homestead exemption.

Do you qualify?

  • Must be the owner on January 1 of the year you are claiming an exemption
  • Can’t claim any other property as homestead
  • Must reside at the home and be an individual homeowner
  • Must only apply between January 1st and April 15th

Exemptions Types:

  • Homestead Exemption
  • Disabled Individual Exemption
  • Agricultural Land Exemption
  • Disabled Veteran Exemption
  • Over 65 Exemption

Property Taxes

As a taxpayer in the state of Texas it is your right to protest to the appraisal review board (ARB). You may protest if you disagree with the appraisal district value or any of the appraisal district’s actions concerning your property.

Fighting your property taxes more specifically means getting your local tax assessor to lower your home’s appraised value (tax appraised value, not market value) so that your property taxes will also decrease.

Texas Home Owners Get More Tools To Fight Property Taxes

Most people complete this online, so going in person with the right documents might give you an edge. For more details visit the Texas Comptroller’s site.

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