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There is no mystery about moving. Moving is a headache and it is stressful. I always share with my clients some advice: focus on what you can control, plan ahead, and map out your timeline. This, combined with many of the great tips I’ve curated below, will drastically minimize your stress levels during moving:

  • Schedule your moving company ahead of the time, even if you don’t know your exact moving date yet
  • Moving is the best opportunity to either throw away, give away or sell the things you’ll never use
  • You can go one room at a time or use the Marie Kondo Method
  • Take pictures of your expensive items and add details liked serial numbers and brand
  • Have each member of the family pack a bag as if going on vacation, to be one of the first things unpacked in your new home
  • Prepare a box of emergency supplies to be opened first at your new home
  • Be aware of any regulatory restrictions when moving across state or international borders

To my clients I provide a valuable and extensive checklist on packing tips, moving notifications and moving timelines. I look forward to helping you and your family prepare for some of the common moving challenges!

Moving Checklist
Moving With Boxes

Moving With Kids

Every child has a different take in regards to moving homes. Their lives are about to change and those changes will challenge their world view according to their personality, age and comfort zone. Some helpful tips which may help make the move less stressful:

  • Throw a good-bye party for younger kids
  • Create memories by taking photos with their friends, teachers, physicians, and caregivers
  • Teenagers are always welcome to all house showings
  • Help them pack an assigned box of toys
    • Have them write their name on it and decorate the outside
  • Send a photo of the new home and their new bedroom to their friends
    • Make sure to get parents involved to encourage responses
  • Create an adventure by visiting the new city, neighborhood, school, park, church, etc
  • Have them select a new restaurant for a family outing by searching together online
  • Use visual aids such as Google Maps or Google Earth to show them the location of your new home and the surrounding area

Moving homes can be an extremely difficult and stressful endeavor for kids as it will likely involve some of their first major life changes. Getting them involved with the process will facilitate their adaptation with patience and love to make the transition as painless as possible.

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