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Title Companies

A title company is a neutral party in a real estate transaction. Their responsibility is to transfer ownership of your new home, and to prepare the deed. They are responsible for performing 4 major functions:

  • Coordinate: They work with all parties for a successful closing
  • Cure: They prepare a commitment for title insurance and cure any issues regarding the title
  • Closing: They handle of all documents necessary to close and disburse the transaction funds accordingly
  • Coverage: The issuance of the title insurance policies to the buyer and any lender insuring the title as transacted
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Title Tips

  • The cost of title insurance is fixed by the state of Texas, their closing fee is pretty much the same at every title company.
  • The title company works for the buyer and the seller simultaneously. They are mainly focused on performing a title search on the property. They’ll check for hidden ownership claims or liens.
  • Title insurance protects the new owner against potential title issues that happened before they bought the home.
  • The title process begins once your contract is fully executed:
    • Contract Receipted. Title order opened. Title Plant. Abstract Department. Title Examination. Title Examination. Title Information. Closing Title Office. Inspections 7 Repairs. Closing Date &Time. Lender. Title Company. Closing Day at the Title Company. Funding Authorization. Title company submits policy package. They’ll also prepare your closing statement.

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